Monday, August 3, 2009

Peter Pan & Robin Hood

When i was little, i love Walt Disney movies and i collect all these small Walt Disney paperbag novels based on the movies. Robin Hood was actually a fox in the original Walt Disney movies.. cunning yes! but in a good way.

everybody wants to be Peter Pan because we all want to be young. But apart from trying to look young, do we retain the heart of a young kid? where good people will end well and bad people go to hell. I just watched Walt Disney's Bedtime Stories starring Adam Sandler and i love it. it reminds me of the youthful good values we should have no matter how old we are. 

to be Peter Pan and Robin Hood all at once - is what i strive to be.

So, to walk the talk, lately i have been working extremely hard. On one hand, i am working on my F&B outlets and my new publishing business, which i am so thankful that due to the support of so many friends - both in life and business - that they have been doing well. So i suddenly decide to provide my design service to people who need it but have no budget. So on a voluntary basis, i have been taking up a few pro bono jobs that i think will do some good to people who need it. It has been tiring but somehow - as i have expected - extremely rewarding simply because people really appreciate it. and that is a good feeling. 

my new resolution for this year - to spread this message of Well (Meaning) Design. To explain this simply - designs that do not compromise in integrity, but in budget, that will bring a greater cause to all. And thanks to my speaking engagements, hopefully the 1st lecture on Well (Meaning) design will happen in Hong Kong this September. i am looking forward to it. I hate powerpoints, i hope i will find a better way to deliver the speech. 

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