Saturday, August 8, 2009

Nerdy Nation Happy Birthday!

It's National Day today.. I was watching Travel & Living Channel's Lonely Planets Six Degress hosted by Asha Gill and Singapore is on today, probably in conjunction with the National Day. Most parts were touristy and predictable, like Kumar showing Asha Little India, Dr Wei (the sex doctor) and KF Seetoh showing her Geylang; interesting part when Asha was arranged to perform as a getai singer in a real hungry ghost festival celebration; then the nerdy part came - do you know Singapore has a "Happy Toilet" Award? It's organised by the Restroom Association of Singapore.. so they went on to show the awarding of the Happy Toilet Award to the Night Safari, where the each of cleaners won a "Golden Plunger" and the finale - all of them, toilet cleaners to Restroom Association stood around and sang - gasp - the Happy Toilet song.

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