Thursday, August 20, 2009

Life Endangering Mini Buses in HK

Recently, my partner's sister, who was innocently waiting at a bus stop in HK, got ran down by a mini bus, alongside many other innocent victims. This has caused a pretty serious injury which called for an operation, and she wasn't the only one in this predicament. 

Talking to other HK friends about this incident, they started asking was it this incident or was it that and the list seemed to be endless. The conclusion was that HK mini bus accidents happened on a daily basis, a few times a day, and in their words, even if you were the only one in the bus, the driver seemed to be always in a hurry and driving at Ferrari speed mindlessly, but seemingly with a mission in mind.

These drivers, who are putting passengers' and passers-by's lives at risk with their perpetual impatience and big hurry - perhaps the angst of their lives leading nowhere has caused them to wanna rushed through it. But not at other people's expense please. The suffering sticks with them for life. 

Recently, a reckless drunken driver in Singapore, who sped into a bus stop, has similarly hurt a few people, and one of which, an old lady, who at her age still had to work for a living, is now permanently confined to the wheelchair. Probably with no money for life insurance, what is going to happen to her? The jail term the drunken guy is to serve will never lessen any of her pain nor bring back her mobility nor compensate her for the rest of her suffering life.

For those of us who complained that even after one drink we are at risk of being caught by the traffic police, this is a small part we can play in helping the traffic police nab these irresponsible drunks. So help the poor old people who are still struggling to work in their old age, for their safety - do not drink and drive.

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