Friday, August 7, 2009

Lady GaGa & Andy Warhol

Tonite, i was hanging out with my friends at 15 minutes for Lisa's DJ-ing, and as everybody was jiving to the superb music, suddenly a seemingly decent girl in specs started talking to us. She speaks with a Chinese-sy accent and we asked if she is from China, but she insisted she is from S'pore, so we took it as it is. And she started asking us about the dishes we ordered and took out a pen and pad to write down. We started to feel a bit uncomfortable, and funnily when we ask if she wants to try the food, she "shamelessly" (for lack of a better word) went to ask for an empty plate and joined our table... we were a bit amused, but nevertheless we shared our food with her, which she ate with relish. Then she started asking about why the name 15 minutes, and we explained to her it is a quote from Andy Warhol about 15 minutes of fame, and she said, "Oh yes I know Andy Warhol, he is doing a song with Lady Gaga!" At that point, we corrected her and explained that Warhol is actually dead. She changed the topic abruptly and asked if we wanted to dance. That was when we all shook our heads in unison and the next thing, we saw her jiving away with another group of strangers, who kind of kept an arm's length from her. 

Warhol, when living, had always attracted the weird people around him in his Factory. He might be glad to know, today, he still appeals to the weird.

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