Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Michael Jackson's dilemma

I was in a club in Hong Kong recently, and as what most DJs are doing now, they will weave in a segment of tribute to the King of Pop, all of a sudden the dancing crowd went into a frenzy of imitating his dance moves. There were people doing dangerous renditions of the Moonwalk which looked nothing more like drunken people on the verge of falling backwards, many erm not-shy and erm not-very-sexy acts of crotch-grabbing, and amidst all these fanatic acts, there were masses of people everywhere doing the Thriller Zombie moves and it felt a bit like i was in the Night of the Living Dead.. if Michael was looking down from above, he would have mixed feelings about being a legend and being dead.


  1. To be a victim of one's fame .... pg 160, Immortality - Milan Kundera

  2. often happens.. Monroe, Presley, Lennon etc etc etc