Sunday, August 9, 2009

Merce Cunningham & John Cage finally together again

The world lost yet another legendary dancer/choreographer after the sudden death of Pina Baucsh - Merce Cunningham. 

Partner of the late John Cage, who is a legend himself in conceptual music, Cunningham is known for his avant garde approach combining music, technology. movements - and as with all dances - in time and space. Both Cunningham and Cage were alumni of the radical Black Mountain College, though they met earlier in 1944 when they first collaborated and the partnership extended beyond work and into their lives, and the two collaborated frequently till the death of Cage in 1992.

I think it is often the dream of all artists to be able to share a connection beyond the bed with their partners. It is already difficult for 2 partners who live together to see eye-to-eye day in day out on mundane everyday life matters, much less to compromise on a artistic level, where the ego gets in the way all the time. But it seems - from the partnership of Cunningham and Cage - finding Mr Right in life, for some lucky people - is absolutely possible and beautiful.

Cunningham & Cage Collaboration

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