Monday, December 7, 2009

A Gay Confrontation

A close friend of mine, who is completely gay, but looks and acts completely straight, as in, you will not for a minute suspect that she is gay if you do not know her, and who is a teacher in a primary school, told me something really funny.

There was a new American teacher who just joined the school and as with most Americans, are enthusiastic and friendly, came up to her on the first day and said:

"Hi! I'm your new colleague! I'm Gaye, you are?"

My friend was really shocked and she wondered who leaked that information about her because she has not told anyone in school. In her panic, she said:

"ERM, let me think...."

Gaye was puzzled, "What?" she questioned.

Concluding very quickly that even if a colleague came out to her on her first day of work, even if she had exude any vague gay vibes, my dear friend decided to stick to her grounds of being in the closet as far as school is concerned, so she thought she cleverly said:

"I'm NOT!" 

Her guilty conscious had unfortunately turned against her when Gaye asked:

"Your name is Nought...?"

My friend, in a matter of 2 minutes, digged a 5-metre deep hole and plunge herself into endless embarrasement. 

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