Monday, December 7, 2009

Duty Free Blues

I just came back from a pretty tiring trip from HK, and after alighting the plane, as always, i proceeded urgently to the Duty Free Shop to get my legalised amount of duty free alcohol, often the only perks of any tiring work trip. after i grabbed i Macallan Whiskey, a random bottle of wine and that nicely packaged 3-bottles-beer-package, i joined the long painful line to pay. Aching to rest, i stood in the long queue and suddenly someone from behind me started speaking:

Girl A: "What's that?"
Girl B: "Campari."
Girl A: "How do you drink that?"
Girl B: "Oh.. usually with some soda..."

Makes sense so far.. At this point, I pretend to turn back and check how long the line was, but really instinctively to check what they are purchasing. Girl A has a bottle of red wine and Girl B, yes a bottle of Campari. I turned back and concluded that behind me are 2 amateurish alcoholics-wannabe. What stressed me out was the conversation that continued, and i swear from the bottom of my heart I did not make this up:

Girl A: "You know, the other day, i went to this party and they were serving Sangria, and they told me they made that with Vodka and Gin.. that's weird right? because i thought they make Sangria with Whiskey.."

It was a bit traumatising for a bar-owner to hear that, i was very tempted to turn around and told her whoever made that was really fucked-up.

Girl B: " Hmm... that doesn't sound right... i'm pretty sure they make it with Contreau and Whiskey.. You know, Contreau is an orange liquor and they are supposed to soak all these fruits like oranges in it before they make the Sangria.."

At this point, i was really in spasm, itching to turn around and tell them it's really red wine and brandy.. and you sort of infused the citrus fruits in the red wine... erm not Contreau.. gosh, where in the world did they get all these information...?

Girl A: "By the way, where do you work?"

Tour group friendsters i guess... i just urgently wait for my turn to pay so I can go home and gulp my Macallan...

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